Birth Doula

I have had the privilege of supporting women and their families during their journey into parenthood. Amidst the different life circumstances that began this  journey, it became clear to me that the greatest concerns among expectant moms were that they did not want to labor alone and they wanted to be an active participant in the decision making process surrounding the birth of their baby. Their anticipated needs regarding various comfort measures differed, but these concerns were constant.  The need for support begins during pregnancy and lasts throughout labor, birth, post partum and child rearing. The role of a doula is one of constant emotional and physical support in labor. A doula adds to the group of caregivers of an expectant mom. I tell my family and also my clients that love multiplies, it does not divide. The role of a doula also multiplies the support and does not take away the role other’s play.

As a birth doula, certified through Doulas of North America, I provide continuous support during labor, both physically and emotionally. I provide comfort measures that help women cope with the pain of labor which will allow their body and their baby to gently progress through labor. I will help in facilitating movement and positioning for birth also. I also provide support to other “support” loved ones, as this is an emotional experience for them as well.

My sevices include two visits prior to the beginning of labor. The first visit is to officially “meet” and get to know each other. The second visit includes discussion regarding Birth Preferences, comfort measures, and breastfeeding. During labor, I am continually present and remain until a few hours after birth. I will visit again a few weeks post partum, a time which is determined by the new family. I am always available by cell phone and e mail.