Infant Massage

The Bonding Process is a remarkable journey that begins at birth and continues throughout life. Bonding is the base on which trust is built and the foundation for raising compassionate and loving children.

Bonding creates a love that lasts a lifetime. Human touch is crucial for a child to reach their potential in all areas of development. The benefits of Infant Massage are numerous for both babies and parents (caregivers).

Infant Massage can help babies sleep better, provide relief from constipation, colic and gas, stimulate brain development, improve sensory awareness and also promotes bonding and attachment. Parents (caregivers) learn about their baby through Infant Massage by recognizing and responding to their baby’s cues. They also learn soothing techniques to help comfort their baby, as well as enjoy a very special time of closeness with their baby.

I am certified through Infant Massage USA and have completed both intensive training and practical work in order to help parents learn how to massage their babies.

Classes are offered upon request. For more information on the importance of nurturing touch in the healthy development of children, please visit the Infant Massage USA  website at