“Lou Ann was an incredible doula. I met her while attending my own doula training and I knew instantly from watching her in the workshop that I wanted her at my next birth. I was incredibly impressed by her calm demeanor and amazing talent at listening and always having the right words to say. When I went in labor with Aubrey, Lou Ann was there every step of the way for every member of my family. She came to my home and labored with me there. We took long walks where she provided endless emotional support and inspiration to help me get started on what became a beautiful 18 hour journey. She eased my mind by playing with and entertaining my 2 year old son and making him feel special and important at a very exciting and challenging time. At the hospital she listened, guided, and supported my husband and myself physically and emotionally. Her endless warmth, support, and understanding allowed me to have the dream birth experience I had hoped for. She worked tirelessly adding me in comfort measures from massage, to breathing techniques to the shower and the birthing ball. As a doula myself, intellectually I knew all this, but it’s amazing what you forget in labor and Lou Ann was there to remind me every step of the way. She was a friend, mother, coach, photographer, cheerleader, inspirational speaker and more. She worked beautifully in concert with the hospital staff and my OB. My daughter was delivered in the birth tub at the hospital with Lou Ann by my side and she stayed with me until we were all clean, warm, snuggled, glowing and nursing like champs. She is an amazing doula, a beautiful person and a true friend. I am so blessed to have her in my life and to have shared the most beautiful birth experience with her.” ~ M.L.J.

“Initially my husband was apprehensive about having a Doula because he thought it meant that someone would fill his role in the delivery room. He soon realized how helpful it was to have Lou Ann not only for me but for him as well. Lou Ann was so warm, compassionate and attentive to my needs. She encouraged me during difficult contractions and gave helpful suggestions for dealing with the pain. Lou Ann was also very helpful after the baby was born because she helped with breastfeeding. We were blessed to have Lou Ann with us during the birth of our daughter.” ~ M.W.